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When the Buyer and Seller come to settle the real estate sales contract, this is called a closing. The seller has signed the seller’s documents, which include a Warranty Deed, Bill of Sale for items in the sold property, IRS Residency Certificsation. A Seller’s closing affidavit, and other documents that are required by the title commitment. It is an exchange of the Seller’s keys for the recording of the deed which is the ownership of the sold property.


As a part of the closing process, our office will obtain the title commitment which states who legally owns the property and what conditions need to be met in order to transfer clear marketable title to the Buyer. Then, we help you satisfy the commitment by obtaining the estoppel, the property survey, the municipal lien search, seller’s affidavits, and any other requirement that is set forth in the title commitment.


We work with different lenders to help you finance your home.


We help you with your purchase and want to make both you and your lender happy. If you need a loan, we can help you connect with a mortgage lender. If you need title insurance to satisfy the lender’s requirements, we can help you.


With the current low interest rates, now is the time to refinance. We will work with you and your lender or mortgage broker to help you lower your mortgage interest rate of obtain a home equity line of credit. We are approved by all major lenders and provide a very quick turnaround on refinances. Our team will ensure that you receive the applicable re-issue credit, so that you can close with confidence.