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Our title and escrow company in Florida offers extensive closing services throughout the State of Florida. We have very fast turnaround times and can close within a month. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service for our clients. We provide dedication to our customers and do not


We are associated with the Underwriter, Attorney’s Title Fund Services of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company/ The FUND.

Florida Property Title Search

During our extensive property title search, ROCK Solid Title reviews all the past deeds and liens in the chain of title for the past 30 years, and advises you of any encumbrances that are on the parcel of land.  We help satisfy any liens, code compliance issues, or encumbrances on the date of closing. 

Title Transfers / Quitclaim Deed

At Rock Solid Title, we help you with all of your title transfers.  We can transfer property to a revocable trust or to an intra-family transfer.

Ladybird or Survivorship Deed

Rock Solid Title will ensure that the parcel of land will be transferred to the right beneficiaries or remaindermen.  We want to ensure that the future interests of the property are protected for the property as well as the present interests of the land.  Perhaps, you want to make sure that the property does not fall into probate.  Then, a ladybird deed or survivorship deed shall be drawn to protect the future interests of the property.

Refinance Transactions

Rock Solid Title will help you refinance your transaction for a lower interest rate if needed or to pay off an ex-spouse.  We can help you refinance and provide the title work for the refinance.

Home Purchase Transactions

Rock Solid Title will help you with the title policy in the purchase of a property.  Rock Solid Title will make sure that all costs are reasonable in the purchase of the property.  We will advise you on what are the costs of the Buyer and the Seller.  We will walk you through the “as-is” residential contract, advise you at inspection period, and what to do if an appraisal comes in too low.

Representation of Residential Seller

Rock Solid Title will make sure that all Seller documents are prepared accurately with the correct title being placed for the Grantor and Grantees of the property.  Rock Solid Title will make sure that the right parties and legal description are named in the Seller documents.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Under Florida 1031 Florida exchange law, owners of real estate held for investment or used in a trade or business can exchange their property, tax-free, for real estate of “like-kind.”  Without this law, property investors will need to pay taxes each time they move from one investment property to another.

Judgment & Lien Searches

At Rock Solid Title, we make sure that there are no liens or judgments on the property at the time of closing. (unless specifically, requested otherwise)

File Your Homestead Exemption

When buying a real estate transaction, ownership changes.  Rock Solid Title will advise you at what point you need to purchase the property to obtain the homestead exemption.  Do you keep the homestead exemption when property is being transferred to a revocable trust?

Advise on Property Taxes

Rock Solid Title will advise you, at what point, property taxes will increase… When you purchase a parcel of land, property taxes adjust on the piece of property.  You want to make sure that property taxes are being assessed accurately.

Escrow Closing Services

At Rock Solid, we make sure that the escrow is protected by using our Safe Escrow account.  We make sure that there is protection with your assets.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Establishment Services

At Rock Solid Title, we understand that property may need to be placed into a limited liability company to protect the owner’s interests from liability.  Rock Solid Title does our best to protect people from litigation by creating limited liability companies.  We will obtain the EIN number and create the operating agreement for you.  As well, as have your own corporate book and seal for your own limited liability company.  You can manage the company as a disregarded entity or S-corporation to flow-through to your own personal tax return.