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Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer To Close a Sale of Residential Property in Florida?

Hollywood FL Title Attorney

Why Use a Hollywood FL Title Attorney?

While you are not legally required to retain the services of a real estate lawyer when closing on a residential property in the state of Florida, most experts recommend working with a qualified and knowledgeable title attorney during this process to make sure that all elements of your real estate transaction go smoothly and according to plan. At Rock Solid Title, we are a trusted and experienced Hollywood FL title company. By working with a title attorney from our office, you can ensure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible when buying or selling a residential property in Florida.

Real Estate Closings Are Complicated

The number of documents and tasks required for the sale or purchase of a typical residential property can be intimidating for those not completely familiar with the terms and wording of real estate contracts, deeds, closing statements and property title histories. By working with a Hollywood FL title attorney, you can avoid confusion when navigating these documents.

Your real estate agent or Realtor is not qualified to nor legally allowed to provide you with legal advice on the terms of your residential real estate transaction. To protect yourself financially, you will almost certainly need to consult with a Hollywood FL title attorney or title company to make sure that all the paperwork is in order before transferring title or disbursing funds. Residential real estate properties are often among the most expensive items purchased by individuals and families. Making a mistake when closing on these properties can cost you much more than the fees assessed by a qualified Hollywood FL title company.

What a Title Attorney Does for You

While a title agent can perform searches on the history of a property and can provide information on any liens or encumbrances that may affect the transfer of title, these individuals are also not allowed to provide legal advice to buyers or sellers. Only a title attorney can provide legal advice and work to correct any issues that are found with the property in question.

Your Hollywood FL title attorney can also make suggestions and amendments to contracts and other documentation received from the other parties to the real estate transaction. This can protect your legal interests before and during your real estate closing and can prevent serious financial difficulties that could arise if your legal documents are not thoroughly vetted by a legal professional.

The Right Title Attorney Makes a Difference

Choosing the right Hollywood FL title attorney can make a significant difference in your experience at closing. At Rock Solid Title, we are a trusted title agency with qualified and trained title attorneys at the heart of our team. By working with a qualified and experienced attorney to manage closing on a residential property in Florida, you can often reduce the stress associated with this major financial transaction and can feel much more confident about the outcome of your purchase or sale.

The qualified and experienced attorneys at Rock Solid Title are committed to the highest standards of integrity and accuracy when checking on title histories, examining real estate contracts and handling all aspects of paperwork associated with the real estate purchase or sale process. Attorneys Pamela Schatten and Lana Ivanov have extensive experience in the real estate field and can provide the right services and solutions for your residential real estate transactions. By retaining the services of the right title attorney, you can take some of the worry out of your residential real estate acquisition or sale.

To learn more about the services available from Rock Solid Title, call our offices at (305) 868-7800. We are here to help you manage the legal aspects of your real estate transaction now and when you need us in the future.