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The Growing Trend of E-closings and Mobile Closings

Hollywood FL e-closings

Hollywood FL E-Closings Offered at Rock Solid Title

With the recent increases in remote work arrangements and a reduced emphasis on face-to-face meetings, many people are looking for ways to streamline other aspects of their daily lives. This has resulted in growing demand for online notary services and Hollywood FL e-closings on real estate transactions. Remote notary services can allow real estate closings to proceed even when parties to the real estate contract are not able to meet in person. Understanding how real estate e-closings work can help you to make the most practical decisions when acquiring or selling properties in our area.

A New Service in Florida

On June 7, 2019, the Electronic Legal Documents act was signed into law by the governor and went into effect on January 1, 2020. Formerly known as HB 409, this act authorizes qualified notaries to perform remote and online notarizations. The closing agent at your Hollywood FL title company must meet certain requirements before they will be allowed to perform e-closings on your behalf:

  • The notary public must have a current notary license in good standing.
  • Online notaries public must complete an online training course on the proper methods for notarizing documents remotely.
  • Your online notary public must contract with a third-party vendor that offers secure technological support for the remote notarization process. This vendor will provide technology for attaching signatures, seals and certificates to electronic documents, to deliver reliable identity and credential analysis and to record the online notarization session for future reference.
  • Online notaries public must adhere to the guidelines and restrictions set forth in the Electronic Legal Documents statutes.
  • Online notary public registrations run concurrently with the standard notary public commission and expire on the same days. Applicants must first submit their application for renewal of their notary public license and then reapply for online notary public status once the initial application has been approved.

At Rock Solid Title, our Hollywood FL title company provides a number of services including online notary public services to make your closing even easier and less stressful for all parties to your real estate transactions.

Benefits of Choosing Hollywood FL E-closings

Working with a qualified Hollywood FL title company is essential to manage your real estate transactions in the most practical and secure way. E-closings offer some real benefits for you and the other parties to your transactions.

  • Green-friendly processing of required documents: If protecting the environment is important to you, e-closings can reduce the need for printed paper documents and the transportation costs associated with shipping these documents to the respective parties. Choosing a company that offers Hollywood FL e-closings can help you to maintain a smaller carbon footprint when managing your real estate acquisitions and sales.
  • Greater convenience for all parties to the real estate transaction: It is hard to improve upon the convenience of conducting your real estate closing from the privacy of your own office or home. By working with an online notary public, you can eliminate travel time and can ensure that your closing process is as painless and convenient as possible.
  • Added security for online notarizations: The digital security required for online closings can help you to feel much more comfortable throughout the process. E-closings use multi-factor authentication as well as knowledge-based authentication to make the entire transaction much more secure for you.
  • A better experience for all: E-closings use automated data validation to streamline the process. This can allow you to allot less time for your signing appointment and can eliminate redundant signatures that can slow down the process for you and the other parties to your transaction.

Working with a trusted Hollywood FL title company like Rock Solid Title can help you access these benefits more easily. We make real estate closings much more convenient for you.

At Rock Solid Title, our Hollywood FL title company can provide e-closing services and mobile closings that can help you manage your real estate transactions more easily. Give us a call today at 305-868-7800 to begin protecting your investment and streamlining your real estate transactions with our Hollywood FL e-closings today. Our team is here to serve you.