• Pamela Barash Schatten

Moratorium on Evictions; Extending Mortgage Forbearance

The relief felt by tenants when Governor Ron DeSantis extended Florida's eviction moratorium another month to September 1st may be short-lived because changes to the order's phrasing explicitly allow eviction filings to resume and for some residents to be kicked out.

The original statewide moratorium that's been in place since April was more vague suspending "any statute providing for an eviction cause of action."

It is really difficult because landlords need to get paid, but tenants are having issues paying their bills.

I recently represented a client who had been working for the Miami-Dade police department for seven years and had lived in the same apartment for that period of time. She recently had to be furloughed due to the cuts in the budget. She did not have money to cover her rent. I answered the petition requesting a continuance in the month of July hoping that there would be an extension for her to pay the money. Luckily, there was an extension and the case was closed. Governor Ron De Santis had extended the eviction process, so she was able to live in her unit without being evicted. If you need any help dealing with your landlord, feel free to call Barash-Schatten Law Firm, P.A. to help you.

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